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The company Harmonium Innovation has concluded the project "Research and development of new solutions for biofunctional textile garments", with code 08/2020, thanks to the help of the ICEX of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, co-financed by the European Union (FEDER Funds) to through the Investment Program for foreign companies in R&D activities.


This project began in March 2020, when the key strategic objective of developing a unique product capable of leading the prevention and early treatment of diabetic foot, with sufficient differential value, was proposed to allow Harmonium Innovation to lead this market. As well as, obtain an innovative biofunctional product (girdle, pantyhose) for the treatment of localized fat that allows to differentiate itself from the rest of the competition, having a differential competitive advantage that allows a better position in this new market niche that the company intends to access .

In general, HARMONIUM INNOVATION, with this project has pursued the development of a stable technological platform in the transversal development of biofunctional textile garments especially for the treatment and prevention of diabetic foot and obesity, based on technologies of electromagnetic wavelengths and transdermal transfer nanoparticles. With this, a combined technology will be obtained, a pioneering and disruptive fact in the sector, which will serve as the basis for the future development of new products for health and well-being.


After 10 months of work, the company has achieved the strategic challenge sought.

Que es Harmonium Pharma

 About Harmonium Innovation  

Harmonium Innovation is a Research & Development Healthcare company based in the Canary Islands with a headquarters in United Kingdom, partially owned by Harmonium Investments, which offers innovative healthcare solutions for millions of people worldwide.


Harmonium Innovation is a new company focused on the research and development of new innovative products and patents with a major focus on diabetes, with the objective of international commercialization of it´s complete product range.


This process, controlled by Harmonium Innovation, guarantees a continued innovative product portfolio's growth and constant improvement of offered solutions.

Harmonium Innovation DNA, Innovative Real Medical Solutions
Harmonium Innovation Partners

In Harmonium Innovation, We have a unique way of building strong international relationships, offering not only a complete product range, which responds to the need of millions of people worldwide, but also helping our international Partners to reach their objectives. We explain them a know-how of our company and support them in all the time of our relationship.


And the most important, we help our Customers meet their increasingly growing needs with our innovative solutions, and we make them feel confident.


 Our Values 

 Our Pipeline 

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Our Diabetes Pipeline
Cardiometabolic Disease
Nervous System Diseases

 Our Objectives  

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 Meet Our Team 

Profesional Achivements
Fernando Rueda
Founder and Executive Chairman In Harmonium Innovation
& CEO Spain/Portugal Harmonium Pharma Ibérica

More than 30 years experience in sales and business development in the pharmaceutical industry.

Specialized in cardio-metabolic diseases and diabetes. Since 2012, he led many projects related with the pharmaceutical industry. His projects are mainly oriented towards diabetes, and chronicle patients.

Work experience in major pharmaceutical corporations

such as, Bristol Myers, Sanofi Aventis, ...

Ugo Cosentino     
Founder and CEO of Harmonium Group

More than 26 years experience in financial and general management in different countries

(Italy, France, UK, Netherlands), in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Founder and owner of Harmonium Pharma, a London based pharmaceutical company with offices in Italy and France.

Work experience as European President for Wyeth & President and CEO of

Pfizer Italy.

 Our Strategic Partners 

Strategic Partners

 Our Investors 


Harmonium Investment,

Ltd. UK

Iniciativas de Valor Añadido,

S.L. Spain

Harmonium Innovation Harmonium Investment
Harmonium Innovation Iniciativa de Valor Añadido

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 Where We Are 

Harmonium Innovation Innovation and Technology Park Of ULPGC University

We are located in the Innovation and Technology Park of ULPGC University.

Harmonium Innovation Innovative Real Medical Solutions
Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria ULPGC University
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