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 Our Values 

Harmonium Innovation Values Innovation

As our name says so, Innovation is the key to improving health and sustaining Harmonium Innovation growth and profitability.


We embrace creativity and consistently pursue new opportunities. We look for ways to make our research and development capabilities, products and services more useful to our customers; and our business practices, processes and systems more efficient and effective.


We listen to and collaborate with our customers to identify potentially new products and make them possible and widely available.

Team Building and Quality
Team Building
Harmonium Innovation Values Team Building

In Harmonium Innovation we know that to be a successful company we must work together, frequently transcending organizational and geographic boundaries to meet the changing needs of our customers. We want all of our partners to contribute to the best.


The strong international relationships improve the quality of decisions and increases the possibilities to make new projects happen. We think that the enthusiasm we have for our business project enables us to succeed in all of our environments and helps us to continue learning and improving as individuals and as a company.


We think the enthusiasm we have for our business project allows us to succeed in all fields and helps us to continue learning and improving as individuals and our company.

Harmonium Innovation Value Quality

Harmonium as a name is synonymous of trust and reliability inherent in the word quality.


Quality is ingrained in the job of our workers,  partners and all our values. We are dedicated to the delivery of quality healthcare around the world.


Our business practices and processes are designed to achieve quality results that exceed the expectations of patients, customers, partners, investors, businesses and regulators. Quality is a must.

Integrity and Performance
Harmonium Innovation Values Integrity
Harmonium Innovation Values Performance

In Harmonium Innovation we demand ourselves and others the highest ethical standards, and our products and processes will always be of the highest quality. Our conduct as a company, and as individuals, will reflect the highest standards of integrity.


The Harmonium Innovation name is a source of pride to us and should inspire trust to all we come in contact with.


We must do more than simply do things right, we must also do the right thing. We follow the idea of “Performance with integrity”.

In Harmonium Innovation we aim for continuous improvement in our performance. When we plan to doing something, we want to do it in the best, in the most complete, in the most efficient and in the most timely way possible.


We will compete at high level, establishing achievable challenges. We wish to attract the highest-calibre employees, providing them with opportunities to develop to their full potential and to share in the success that comes from winning in the marketplace.


To be always surrounded by the best team, is one of our priorities. We establish and promote strategic alliances with companies, achieving advantageous relationships for all parties.

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