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Do you know the symptoms of type 2 Diabetes?

Do you know the symptoms of T2D?

The most common symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes are the following:

  • Excessive thirst and a dry mouth

  • Frequent and abundant urination

  • Lack of energy, extreme tiredness

  • Sexual issues

  • Blurred vision

  • Tingling or numbness in hands and feet

  • Recurrent fungal infections in the skin

  • Slow-healing wounds

People with type 2 are able to produce some of their own insulin. Often, it’s not enough. And sometimes, the insulin will try to serve as the “key” to open the body’s cells, to allow the glucose to enter. But the key won’t work. The cells won’t open. This is called insulin resistance.

T2D it´s also called non-insulin dependent diabetes or “adult onset” diabetes, since it typically develops after age 35. However, a growing number of younger people are now developing type 2 diabetes.

Often, type 2 is tied to people who are overweight, with a sedentary lifestyle.

Treatment focuses on diet and exercise. If blood sugar levels are still high, oral medications are used to help the body use its own insulin more efficiently. In some cases, insulin injections are necessary.

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