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Terrifying Data About Diabetes in China

After yesterday's post we share a little bit more of information with you about Diabetes in China, which has reached epidemic figures, China's population is over 1.388 billion, the largest of any country in the world.

And we can say the same about China Diabetic population, that has develop the unbelievable figure of 11% of their total population with Diabetes (150,8 million people), and a 36% of their population in pre-diabetic status (493,5 million people), that means that at least the half percent of the population are affected by the disease.

If we compared the figures of China with any other country in the world we can spot the differences, for example, in the whole European Union, there are 60 million people diagnosed with Diabetes, compared with the 150 million people with Diabetes in China, so, one country more than doubled the numbers of 28 countries.

In conclusion, the numbers of this country are massive, and the control of Diabetes should improve to help to stop the constant increase and the number of deaths caused by this disease.

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